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Full Frequency

(1hr 15 mins) @ £115

inc Blackhead Removal, Spot Sparking, Gentle Needling + Algae Mask!

Are you suffering with scars, spots & blackheads?

It’s the Full Works with the steamin’, cleanin’ & needlin’ but instead of Dermaplaning (which isn’t recommended for active acne!) you’ve got the High Frequency to zap away your pimples, calm and resurface the skin!!

You’ll walk out less inflamed, extracted of blackheads, declogged, cleaner, brighter and with a sparkle in your step!


Add the Massage & Icey Globes to create a truly incredible facial as seen on Instagram.


The Full Works

(1hr 15 mins) @ £95

Get yourself steamed, cleaned & gleamed!

I will use steam, vacuum and manual extractions to declog the pores & remove blackheads. You will reap the benefits of Dermaplaning and Digital Needling to exfoliate the skin and push vitamins and marine collagen *underneath* to where dehydration takes place.

To finish…a cold (great for tightening the facial muscles) full face Algae Mask packed full of soothing, reaffirming and bacteria fighting properties! The dream team of treatments that you will make you fall in love with your skin.

The Glow-and-go

(1hr 15 mins) @ £95

Away to that Grey!

This treatment is about drawing out impurities and giving your skin a drink of the good stuff (marine collagen, omegas 3,6 & 9). Heating up the skin with a hot steam, opening the pores, getting deep with an ultrasonic sound wave cleanse, then onto vacuum suction & blackhead extractions, then an impurity absorbing mud mask!

On to some gentle needling to hydrate all over the face & lips #plumpandpump!

Finally - calm, nourish & soothe it all down with a full face Algae Mask! - THAT is how to get glowing skin.

Serious Skin Session

(1hr 30 mins) @ £155

Want to pull out all the stops?  THIS is the ticket you need!


Plagued with the pore pluggers? 



Steam vacuum and manual extractions!  Next comes dermaplaning (or a Vitamin C treatment), then a luxurious face and shoulders massage with a gentle oil to ease the tension & release toxins from the body!

Next up, a vegan face mask to suit your skin type, some steamin’ hot mitts and then on to the collagen induction gentle needling and *high frequency* treatment using gauze and oxygenating gel to stimulate cell turnover, deep treat and prevent stubborn spots and scarring, help shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes, fade dark eye circles.

LAST the finalè - ice cold massage globes to cool and soothe the skin leaving you bright eyed and your glow mode turned UP.

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